Conference Presentations


“A Comparative Study of Natural Disasters News Coverage in Pakistan By Dawn & the News” (The Case of Earthquake, 2005 & Floods, 2010)

Anam Muzamill


“Looking Glass Self” and Disembodiment in Virtual Environment: Exploratory Study of the Turkish Cypriot Facebook Users and Isolation From Bodies

Tutku Akter


3D Geometric Modeling

Petra Surynkova


About Communication, Literature and Socialization

Mine Demirtaş, Mualla Murat


Adoption, Usage and Impact of Family Folder Collection on a Mobile android Tablet Device in Rural Thailand

Michelle Lim, Regina Rodricks, Vanessa Chong, Chloris Qiao-Lei Jiang, Arul I. Chib


American Magazine Winners and Losers:  2000 to 2010

David E. Sumner


Anarchy and Adbusters: Branding the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Lisa S. Banu


Architecture and New Media Art / Media Façades, Video and Light-Installations

Silva Kalcic


Artworks as Museums: Artists as Curators

James Thurman


Assessing Information Seeking Behavior Among Members of University Community In Malaysia and Nigeria: A Multigroup Invariance Analysis

Che Su Mustaffa, Nor Azizah Ahmad, Salah saudat Abdul Baqi


Beyond Reactive Crisis Communication with the Media: An Integrated Crisis Communication Framework

Yolandi Slabbert, Rachel Barker


Brand Positioning Analysis in North Cyprus Marketplace

Anil Kemal Kaya, Umut Ayman


Building a General E-Marketing Strategy Guidelines

Adel Hamdan Mohammad


Color, Algorithms and Expressions

Petronio Bendito


Communication Model of a Life-Long Student ID Card

Mario Dumancic


Construction of Self-Identity Through Narrative Text and Photographs in the Form of a Visual Autoethnography

Terry Ownby


Contested Voices of The Women in the Turkish Cypriot Media

Ipek Halim


Convergence Media, Participation Culture and the Digital Vernacular: Towards the Democratization of Documentary

Richard Vickers


Convivial Analog Interactions

Cassie Hester


Counter-Missionary Carnivalesque: Reading the Advertisements in "Godless America"

Desideria Cempaka Wijaya Murti


Critic Skills as an Advertising Business Basic

Nancy R. Tag


Culture and Identity In Brazilian Fashion: A Semiotic Approach

Maria Carolina Garcia, Ana Paula Celso De Miranda


Design Education: Out of the Studio and into the Research Lab

Troy D. Abel


Designing  Accessible Visual Digital Information For Senior Citizens: The Role of Identification and Discourse Coalitions

Eugène Loos


Developing and Sustaining an Online Master’s Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication: A Case Study

Lyle D. Olson, Jennifer Tiernan


Developing Student Engagement In Networked Teaching and Learning Practices Through Problem- and Project-Based Learning Approaches

Jørgen Lerche Nielsen, Lars Birch Andreasen


Digital Text: Interactivity and Intertextuality

Vladimir Ceric


E-Book Versus Printed Materials: University Student’s Preferences

Gonca Kızılkaya Cumaoğlu, Hüseyin Kurt, Kerem Torun, Esra Saçıcı


Economic Weight of Media in Catalan, Basque and Galician Languages: Minority Language Media and Their Financial Impact In Society

Inaki Zabaleta, Santi Urrutia, Nicolás Xamardo, Arantza Gutierrez, Carme Ferré, Itxaso Fernandez


Egyptian Demonstrators Use of Twitter: Tactics, Mobilization, and Safety

Diana Stover, Matthew Gerring


E-Learning Design and Intercultural Challenges

Bradley E. Wiggins


Embedding Visual Effects In 3D Animated Environment Design For Short Movie

Zahari Hamidon, Kong Ho


Evaluation of Depth Cues in 3D Subtitling

Diego González Zúñiga, Jordi Carrabina Bordol, Pilar Orero Clavero


Exchange Students Communication Challenges: A Case Study of a University in South Africa

V. P. Rawjee, K. Reddy, M. Maharaj


Explanation of Mass Media’s Function for the Trust Building as Soft Power of States

Shahrzad Nayyeri, Mojtaba Amiri


Exploring Aesthetic Impression of Web Pages From Aspects of Visual Order and Complexity

Pei-Shan, Teng, Yao-Jen, Fan, Dengchuan, Cai


Facebook, Cyberspace and Identity

Bert Oliver


Factors Motivating The Acceptance of New Information Communication Technologies:  A Study From Technology Acceptance and Information Seeking Behavior Approach

Noor Azizah Ahmad, Che Su Mustaffa, Awanis Ku Ishak


Fortunate Misfortune: Finding Opportunity in Unexpected Places

Meaghan Dee


Frıend-ing Facebook: Revisiting Facebook and College Students’ Social Capital

Arina Hidayatul Chasanah


From Convergence to Connectivism: Teaching Journalism 2.0

Raoul Boers, Esra Ercan, Lars Rinsdorf, Robert W. Vaagan


From Wallpaper to Interactivity: Use of Archive Footage in Documentary Filmmaking

Wilma De Jong


German Parties and WEB 2.0 – A Way to Deliberative Politics

Andreas Elter


Gestalt Principles in Destination Logos and their Influence on Consumers’ Recognition of and Intention to Visit a Country

Lulu Rodriguez, Ruby Lynn Asoro, Suman Lee, Sela Sar


Information Graphics Design Challenges and Work flow Management

Marco Giardina


Internet Security and Protection for Social Media – A Legal Perspective

Charlene Abela Briffa


Investigation into Stakeholders’ Influence on Environmental Strategies of Oil Companies

Henrique Barros De Cerqueira Paes


Modeling the Antecedents of Internet Effect: A Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Approach

Che Su Mustaffa, Noor Azizah Ahmad, Awanis Ku Ishak


New Literacies for Digital Citizenship

Eylem Simsek, Ali Simsek


New Media Literacies in the Digital Culture

Jale Balaban-Salı


Online Components of Social Capital

András Déri


Optimizing for Intimacy: The Design and Development of

Preeti Simran Sethi


Organizational Approaches to Social Media Branding: Comparing Brand Facebook Pages and Web Sites

Adam Peruta, Will Ryan, Greg Acquvella


Overcoming Communication Barriers in Online Teaching: Understanding Faculty Preferences

Ertunga C. Ozelkan, Agnes Galambosi


Pakthunkhwa: (A Problems of Female Working Journalists in Khyber Case Study In Peshawar City-Pakistan)

Ghulam Shabir


Peak Communication Experiences and its Relations With Positive Socio-Psychological Concepts and Communication Competence: A Factor Analysis Study

Chad Edwards, Autumn Edwards


Peircean Semiotics and Innovation in Design

Renira Rampazzo Gambarato


Perception of Filipino Values Portrayed in Pinoy Big Brother

Mark Lester M. Chico


Persuading New Generation Consumers via Social Media: A Case Study on Turkcell

Ayse Banu Bicakci, Zeynep Colak


Photographic Representation of Women in The Media: A Case Study of the POST

Deseni Soobben


Planet Play: Designing a Game for Children to Promote Environmental Awareness

Maria Goncharova


Political Public Relations 2.0 and the Use of Twitter of Political Leaders In Turkey

Gaye Aslı Sancar


Political Satire in New Media

Dyan Rahmiati, S. Sos, M. Si


Portrayal of Republic of Turkey and American Print Media in Pre September Eleven Era: A Content Analysis of Newsweek and the Time Magazines

Shahzad Ali


Post-Photographic Forms, Mutations and Digital Hybrids

Min Kim Park


Privacy-Related Aspects of the Marketing Communication with the Consumers: An Exploratory Assessment

Calin Veghes, Mihai Orzan, Carmen Acatrinei, Diana Dugulan


Public Relations as a Tool to Cultivate Public Health: An Overall Analysis of ‘Smoke Free Air Space Campaign’

Pelin Hürmeriç, Gülşah Gönenli


Public Relations Theory Meets Practice: A View from the Inside

Christelle Swart


Removing Barriers To Innovation In Journalism Education: A Case Study

Linda Austin, Marianne Barrett


Rip to Burn or Burn for Ripping: Teaching Re-Use in and Beyond the Classroom

Julian Savage


Social Communication Networks and Reconstruction of Self Confidences: Facebook and its Social-Psychological Influences on its Turkish Cypriot Users

Tutku Akter


Social Media and Citizen Engagement in The 2011 Presidential Election in Nigeria

Nicholas S. Iwokwagh, Gibson S. Okworo


Social Media as the New Word of Mouth

Desi Dwi Prianti, M.Comn


Social Media In The Electoral Communication: Factors Defining Politicians’ Use of Interactive Media

Andrius Suminas


Social Networking Sites : An Empirical Study in the Perspective of Omani Students

Nishitha Dev Kumar, Abhishek Kumar Singh, Sanjay Singh Baghel


Tertiary Students' Attitudes towards Using SNS

Bahire Efe Ozad


The Effect of Contact Class Attendance on the Academic Success of Open Distance Learning Students in Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE) Programmes

E J Spamer, J M Van Zyl, C J Els


The Effects of Motivation on Marketing Communication: The Example of Public Relations and Communications Specialists Who Work in Five-Star Hotels

Güzin Ilıcak Aydınalp


The Framing of Climate Change by News Magazines: 1989-2009

William Tillinghast, Marie Mccann


The Iconography of National Mourning in the Polish Press

Magdalena Mateja


The Influence of Cultural Values In Advertising: Examples From China and the United States

Yi Lin, Didem Koroglu, Lyle D. Olson


The Intersection of Interests Between Al-Jazeera and Al-Qaida In The Era of “War On Terror”

Hatem El Zein


The Mathematical Relationship Between the Lead and Body Lengths, and the Degree of Satisfaction Attained from the both Sections of the News Articles Published in Newspapers: Case Study; Turkish Daily Online Newspapers

Fahme Dabaj, Agah Gumus


The Moving Image in Social Media: Changing the Power Relationship between Creator and Audience

Alice E. Stephens, April D. Lundy


The Nature and Characteristics of Internet Governance in China: A Content Analysis of 430 Chinese Laws and Regulations

Jing XU


The Product Placement on Late Turkish TV Serials

Anil K. Kaya, Umut Ayman


The Reductive Nature of Social Media Platforms: Degrading Debates Regarding The Ottoman-Armenian ‘Genocide’

Nukte Ogun


The Role and Usage of Visual Rhetoric in Advertising

Nazli Koksal


The Role of ICTS In the Lives of Foreign Wives in Singapore

Abigail See Shyang Ling, Cheang Jia-Hui Rebecca, Goh Siew Luan, Ng Xiao Xuan, Chloris Jiang, Arul Indrasen Chib


The Role of the Cellphone in Africa

Elirea Bornman


The Social Media as a Public Sphere: The Rise of Social Opposition

A. Fulya Şen


The Student’s Usage of Social Networks as an Educational Environment

Filiz Tiryakioğlu, Funda Erzurum


The Use of the Mobile Web in Turkey by Social Media Professionals

Nejla Karabulut, Selçuk Tuzcuoğlu


University Educated Journalist Versus Self-Taught Journalist or...

Mehmet Sağnak


Virtual Action End Up Political Party: Citizenship, Social Media-Based Movement, and the Paradox in Indonesia

Desideria C. W.  Murti


Visualizing Time Coherent Three-Dimensional Content Using One or More Microsoft Kinect Cameras

Naveed Ahmed


Web Usability for Effective Communication: Local User Perception Versus Global Guidelines

Maryamossadat Mousavi, Govindan Marthandan


What Should be Evaluated on Blended Learning Courses? A Puzzle Piece for the Evaluation Process

Lúcia Pombo, António Moreira